Company 4

Fine Creek Volunteer Fire Department

Fine Creek Volunteer Fire Department

1825 Huguenot Trail
Powhatan, VA 23139

MISSION: To provide protection and life safety to our community. To prevent emergencies when possible. To respond quickly and to minimize pain, suffering, and loss when emergencies do occur.

VISION: To effectively deal with existing and future threats to the health, safety and welfare of the citizens and visitors of the Powhatan County, and thus preserve and enhance the quality of their lives, health and property.

Fine Creek Fire Department (FCVFD) was established in 1974 and is an all-volunteer fire company. The Department handles around 450 fire and medical calls each year. We have over 30 active members who dedicate personal time on site at our station for duty crews and also respond “on-call.” We take great pride in our facility, apparatus and equipment and train on its safe use and operation with every duty crew. Our Department has an operating budget that relies on government funds, private donations and fund raising events.

FCVFD’s strong values permeate the Department’s operations and activities. Emergency response and citizen service are the highest priority and overriding concern of the Department’s members and are reflected at every emergency response. We believe in the values of personal integrity, ethical conduct, and personal accountability for our actions. We also believe in exhibiting the highest standards of Service Professionalism. As a Department and as individuals, we are committed to maintaining an attitude of professional respect for the value of life and the dignity of others, the worth of caring and the importance of helping others. We strive to present the best possible professional appearance in ourselves, our apparatus, equipment and workplace.