How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Powhatan County Fire and Rescue Department Volunteer. You are beginning an incredible path of exciting and fulfilling community service.  Along with personal satisfaction, other benefits of volunteering include:

  1. Potential college transfer credits towards a degree
  2. Free annual health physical
  3. Initial Training and equipment provided free of charge
  4. Leadership training
  5. Potential career path
  6. Incentives offered at year’s end for “Active Members” (may include financial and equipment)

Types of Jobs We Offer:


Responds to different types of fires (brush, vehicle, commercial, residential); hazardous materials incidents (spills, leaks); motor vehicle accidents and extrications; alarm activations; smoke alarm installations; medical emergencies; water rescues; and many other calls.
Emergency medical technician program

Emergency Medical Technician:

Responds to medical emergencies, including heart problems, breathing problems, diabetic emergencies, trauma, motor vehicle accidents, and general illness calls.

Auxiliary Members:

Provides assistance to the companies such as fund-raising, community service events, delivering food and drink to personnel at major incidents, and general administrative work.

What to Expect in Your First Year:

Station Training in Firefighting and/or Emergency Medical Technician

Hazardous Materials Response training

Emergency Vehicle Operations

National Incident Management Systems training (on-line)

CPR training

Participation in monthly station duty hours (Company specific) and company meetings

Participation in training drills; community events and stand-bys for large events

Powhatan Volunteer firefighter application

While your application is being processed

…you can start your training today!! Just follow these directions and links to begin you journey into public safety!

Step One:

Create a FEMA Student ID (FEMA SID)

Step two:

Begin your training

IS-100.B: Introduction to Incident Command System

IS-200.B: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

IS-700.A: National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction

IS-800.B: National Response Framework, An Introduction